The Yawanawa: Guardians of the Rio Gregorio headwaters in Acre, Brazil

The Yawanawa are a bridge between the past and the future of the Amazon rainforest. Theirs is a story of connection to their land, their traditions, and a commitment to passing that connection to the next generations.

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[image: Kenewma Yawanawa}

  • Preserving traditional knowledge

    Supporting the Amazon rainforest and the Yawanawa means preserving the forest way of life, ensuring elders have support to pass down their traditional knowledge and practices to new generations so they may continue to uphold their unique identity into the 21st century.

  • Alliance with female leaders

    The advent of female Yawanawa leaders is a new era for Indigenous leadership. By supporting this new generation of female leaders and role models, we are supporting the end of the gender gap in education, participation and decision-making around the world.

  • Response-based assistance

    Amazonian communities face various challenges, including the emerging threat of COVID-19 and accelerated climate change. We are working together to assist the Yawanawa in times of need, providing funds for emergency supplies, medical expenses, travel, food, resources and whatever else is needed for the villagers.

  • Protecting the Amazon Rainforest

    Directly supporting Indigenous communities and economies in the Amazon means that Indigenous peoples can remain on their land as stewards of the Rainforest, protecting millions of square miles of biodiversity, medicinal plants, food and animal life.