Who We Are

Our values, our team and our partners

About Amazonia Yurahu Alliance

We are Yurahu, a dedicated team of individuals in alliance with the Yawanawá people working to support their sustainability and traditional cultural knowledge. 

Formed in 2020 by our founding members and Yawanawá board of advisors, Amazonia Yurahu Alliance supports Yawanawá-led projects in the village of Mutum, in the state of Acre, Brazil.

We have come together as a family to be a bridge between the Yawanawá and the western world. We seek to build a global alliance of people who hear the call to help, who understand the importance of the Amazon rainforest, and who endeavour to preserve Indigenous knowledge. We are committed to supporting the Yawanawá Nipei Garden of Medicines as our first project.

Our Values

AYA was born out of an inspiration that indigenous traditional knowledge is important to preserve as it shows us the way of the future on how to overcome adversity through courage, strength, and perseverance.  We align our values to guide our path, assist us in growth and transformation through our efforts as a team, supporting the collective vision in alliance with the Yawanawá.

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Our Partners

Protect Indigenous traditional culture, health and land for future generations

Support The Yawanawá