Planting Seeds For Future Generations: The Nipei Garden

This inspirational project arose from the seed that was planted in Jordão De Souza, son-in-law of Mariazinha Yawawawa and husband of Kenewma Yawanawá. He was directly inspired by the great Pajé (Shaman) Tata before his passing as Jordão listened to the passing of oral traditional knowledge of Tata to his people. Pajé Tata reminded his people not to forget the power of the medicinal plants in the expansive gardens of the rainforest. Jordão heard the message loud and clear and devoted his path to ensuring the survival of the Yawanawá traditional knowledge through the continuation of the Nipei Garden of Medicines. Our project is fully geared to support the vision of Pajé Tata in ensuring the survival of this precious traditional knowledge for the future Yawanawá generations.